Training Structure

Training is set up to make it simple to get Kingdom revelation to you. Here's how:

At the highest level, the KLTTC training content is grouped into course categories. These course categories are:

The Kingdom (Overview) - Courses in this category provide foundational knowledge about what the Kingdom of God is.
The Kingdom and the Individual - Training which focuses on how the individual grows and matures from the point of salvation into their kingdom role and responsibilities.
Kingdom Authority and the Individual - Lessons which focus on how the individual walks in the authority meant for each Believer.
Kingdom Influence on the World System - This content instructs on how kingdom representatives impact the world around them through Godly influence.

Within each of the course categories, you will find multiple unique courses that will build your knowledge in the general course category topic. Each course is comprised of multiple lessons with supporting documentation to assist your learning. As you complete all the lessons within a course, you will receive a certificate as an acknowledgment of your achievement. Please note that you can view lessons at your own pace with an ability to easily see where you left off in your training.

As the KLTTC content will continue to grow, we do recommend checking the course listing regularly, as new courses and lessons will be added within the 4 listed course categories.