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KLTTC is an online teaching center focused on teaching God's people about His Kingdom in the earth and the position that God intends His people to take in it.  KLTTC is not limited to an online platform, but has started there to make it easier for those desiring to mature in the Kingdom of God to easily find understanding and revelation.

KLTTC is a directive given to House of the Lord Fellowship Church in Austin, Texas through Senior Pastors Richard and Michelle Sanders.  The need for God's people to understand God's Kingdom in the context of Christianity is paramount.  KLTTC is here to help fill gaps in understanding and revelation. Simple as that.

Registration allows KLTTC to track your progress through the multiple courses and provide you a certificate of completion.  The information gathered during the registration process is very basic (i.e. user name, email address).  Once registered, you may receive notification of new teaching content within KLTTC.  Any information gathered will not be given or sold to a third party.

KLTTC is a free resource for Kingdom teaching and expansion.  Sowing financially is always appreciated and will return a financial harvest to you.  Go to our giving page to learn more about giving to KLTTC.