Video Lessons on the Foundations of Kingdom Living

God The Spirit

The Holy Spirit by Pastor Michelle Sanders

God's Word

The Integrity of the Word by Pastor Brian Rivers
Authority: Right to Use Power by Minister Damon O'Brien

The Renewed Man

The Composition of Man by Pastor Richard Sanders
The Renewed Mind by Pastor Brian Rivers
The New Creation by Pastor John Hendricks
Man's Dominion by Minister Damon O'Brien
The Reality of the New Birth by Pastor John Hendricks

Growing in God's Ways

Forgiveness: A Way of Life by Minister Damon O'Brien
How God Corrects by Minister Damon O'Brien
Restored Fellowship with God by Pastor John Hendricks
Temptations, Tests, & Trials by Pastor Kenneth Price
Knowledge: A Key to God's Storehouse by Pastor Kenneth Price


What Righteousness Means by Pastor Brian Rivers


The Principle of the Tithe by Sister Jeri Chambers
The Law of Prosperity by Sister Jeri Chambers

God's Peace: 2-part Series *New Upload- 12/22/2022*

Part 1: Peace in the Family by Pastor Brian Rivers and Holly Rivers 
Part 2: Peace in the Home for the Holidays by Pastor Brian Rivers and Holly Rivers