Find Your Place in KLTTC

God desires and intends for each of us to grasp both the revelation of His Kingdom and the purpose that He intends us to fulfill. We all have to find a place where we can receive that revelation so we can mature in it and demonstrate it in our daily lives. The Kingdom Life Training and Transformation Center is a tool that believers can use to help achieve that daily Kingdom lifestyle.

Please take the time to review the lessons and the documentation that KLTTC has to offer. It is freely given so there is no financial barrier to entry.  Also, the site is designed to function on all major platforms of computers, tablets, and smartphones.  All that is left is for you to register and attentively listen to the Holy Spirit will engaging the lessons.

Proverbs 23:7 states that "as a man thinks in his heart (the depository of Truth), so is he." Getting the truth of your role in God's Kingdom is vital for you to live out that kingdom role. From the biblical foundation built through the lessons, God will reveal more of Himself (and yourself) to you. You can and will discover your own personal revelation of God's Kingdom, and the part that He has you to play in it.